A brand new centre that brings you the latest and most preferred beauty and care applications of the World for the ladies, all under one roof: Iana Beauty Lounge, says hello to İstanbul. 

With a head-to-toe care and beauty concept, with its team of national and international experts, with its smart and plush studios, Iana Beauty Lounge will be the centre for a new approach with its World class products and services. 

Iana Beauty Lounge is a centre where multiple languages are spoken in order to provide accurate communication along with accurate services for ladies from overseas who live in Istanbul. As you enter through the doors of Iana Beauty Lounge you will experience an enjoyable atmosphere which will make you feel special, you will step into a unique and a brand new dimension with expert applications adding to your beauty and care. 

We will be happy to be honoured with you taking your first step into Iana Beauty Lounge, where we offer services through an exclusive appointment system. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Iana Pizhurina

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Special Make-Up
Bride Make-Up

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