Gel nail polish. (Applied on your natural toenails with gel polish of any color. We can also add designs per request). Lasts 14 days. 

Bio-Gel nail polish. (Strengthening of natural nails with special Bio-Gel. Makes your nails stronger and protects them. Can put French or any other design by your choice. Lasts 14 days.) 

Nails extension with design. (Extension of the nails of different form, length with any design by your wish. Last 21-25 days. Treatment takes 2-2.5 hours.) 

Laid out French manicure nail extension. (Extension of the nails of different form, length, and with any design by your wish. Lasts 21-25 days. Treatment takes 2-3 hours.) 

Correction of extended gel nails. (Adding material on the growed part of the nail with any design. Lasts 21-25 days) 

Designed pictures on natural nails. (Hands and feet.) 

Stickers for nails. (Hands and feet.) 

Swarovsky diamonds, pearls, sequins for nails. (Hands and feet.) 

Acrylic modelling on nail extensions. 

Pedicure Jessica gel polish.


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