To look more beautiful, more cared-for when you wake up every morning is up to you. Highlight your beauty with eyeliner shaping, misty eye lines that doesn’t run and full lips using Long Time Liner Contour Make-up technique. Thanks to a method used in Germany and all over the World for the last 26 years with confidence, we can get rid of our flaws without needing an aesthetic operation, without being subjected to anesthesia, and achieve our natural beauty. 

Putting aside 1-2 hours is enough to achieve a natural and perfect look. Specially licensed expert Linergists will present the most suitable and healthy choices for you in line with training they have received. High quality materials are being used with the technique, which puts sterilization and disinfection at the forefront. Needles are one-time use only and are discarded after the application. Expert Linergists continually control disinfection during the application. Products we use are classed as non-tocsin and non-genetic. There are no heavy metals or glycerin. 

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